Web TV and Movies

The very Honest Trailer for Fight Club - One of the best capitalist anti-capitalist high budget movies! Enjoy the brawling!

A pretty good fan made trailer for AMC’s Breaking Bad - Season 1 - In case you call yourself a TV junkie and still didn’t watch this, please just start right away, it’s clearly the best thing that cable tv can produce!

Awesome movie was awesome … I do not know why, but Marvel really nailled it with all of their latest releases. Guardians of the Galaxy is certainly one of those excellent movies that you must see!

The latest version of Godzilla turned out to be quite an interesting remake. Do feel free to check it out for it shouldn’t dissappoint.

X-Men: Days of future past, 3rd and final trailer! Awesome movie by the way, I warmly recommend it to all superhero fans and not only as well!

Just for fun … The HONEST Trailer for The Wolf of the Wall Street (Courtesy of the fellas from Screen Junkies)

The Book Thief - Official Trailer - One charming movie set in Nazi Germany that follows the adventure of a charming young lady as she finds her place in the world. 

How to train your dragon 2 - Official Trailer - The sequel to one of the best animations from DreamWorks

Transcendence - Johnny Depp Sci-Fi - A truly stunning movie that pushes the boundries of bioethics beyond the limits of reason. A must see title. 

Maleficent - Official Trailer (Stunning Angelina Jolie)